Dermal Matrix Graft

Posted on October 30, 2010 by Dr. Matthew Baker

When prospective patients visit my practice regarding a Denver breast augmentation, there are various factors that are discussed. The most common of these include breast implant type, implant placement, and incision location. In addition, patients often ask about their results – How long will they last? Will they look natural? Most breast enlargement results may last up to 10 years, at which point some patients may opt to undergo a secondary procedure. As far as a natural appearance, my goal is to provide beautiful and well-balanced results. However, there are some patients who may experience rippling, which is caused by the over-stretching of the breast tissue.

In order to prevent visible rippling on the breasts, I can incorporate the use of dermal matrix grafts to cover and hold the implants in place. These grafts can be bovine or human, both of which help to provide patients with a smooth and natural appearance after their procedure. Although the use of dermal matrix grafts is based on each patient’s anatomy, they have become a common step in breast enhancement surgery for most of my patients. These grafts are also used when patients undergo breast reconstruction after a mastectomy (breast removal).

Please feel free to schedule an appointment at my practice in order to learn more regarding dermal matrix grafts.